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Οκνηρή σκύλα
16 November
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I was born. I went to school. I went to school some more. I snapped. Then I went back to school again.
1920s, absolutely fabulous, acting my shoe size, all that jazz, all-you-can-eat buffets, anna may wong, art deco, asian things, audrey hepburn, bacardi, bad art, bad poetry, baking, bars, being a diva, being evil, being single, biochemistry, biology, bobbed hair, britcoms, broadway, cabaret, caffiene, cappuccino, cartoons, cbgb, cell block tango, chicago the musical, children, chinese food, chinese language, clara bow, cockney accents, coffee, coney island, cooking, dancing, deflowering young innocents, dive bars, drinking, dyke hair, espresso, exotic food, expensive presents, eyes, filthy jamie oliver fantasies, filthy kratt brothers fantasies, flappers, folk art, genetic disorders, genetics, getting fat, glasses, goofing off, greece, irish culture, iron chef, jamaican men, jamie oliver, japanese game shows, jazz age, keeping house niggers, komotini, language, laughing at stupid people, loserosity, louise brooks, male ballerinas, marilyn monroe, men in glasses, miniature dancing greek closetcases, moma, monkeys, more sex, musical theater, my flying monkeys, naked chef, nerds, nice greek boys, not exercising, offending the elderly, one night stands, other people's kids, pasta, paul frank, pbs, penguins, pin-up girls, political incorrectness, popping my gum, pretending to speak greek, ragtime, ramones, religious sex, retro, science, seinfeld, sex, sex and the city, signal the plane, silent film, st. mark's place, starburst fruit chews, street festivals, table dancing, taking pictures, technical virginity, the internet, the kratt brothers, the roaring 20s, the strand, the tigger song, thoia thoing, thrifting, tigger, turner's syndrome, two fat ladies, useless knowledge, vaudeville, williams syndrome, winnie the pooh, wint-o-green lifesavers, ziegfield follies, zoboomafoo